Chevrolet Volt Accessories and Products List

Chevy volt 2016


Cabin Filter –  (The Volt does not come from the factory with a cabin filter, as Chevy says robs efficiency from the Heating/Ventilation A/C system.

Chevy Parts Bulletin:#PI0494B: Passenger Compartment (Cabin) Air Filter – (Mar 27, 2015) Models: 2011-2015 Chevrolet Volt This PI has been revised to add the 2014-2015 Model Years. Please discard PI0494A. Important: Please advise the customer that the installation of the passenger compartment air filter may reduce HVAC airflow or reduce electric range.

1. Remove the instrument panel lower compartment (glove box). Refer to the Instrument Panel Lower Compartment Replacement procedure in SI.  2. Open the access door located on the HVAC module. 3. Slide the filter into position. 4. Close the access door. 5. Install the instrument panel lower compartment (glove box).

Airflow effects from installing cabin filter

Airflow effects from installing cabin filter. Photo courtesy Mike Murphy of the Volt Owners Facebook Page


Volt Shelf 3.1 -Great for covering your cargo in the hatch area of your Volt. Website is

Volt Screen – A VERY necessary accessory as the factory grill is too light and to wide to keep stones from damaging your very expensive radiator. If you drive on dirt roads you NEED this!

Volt Phone 2.1 (mount) – a little mount that works for holding your phone and providing an easy to look at display perfect for navigation.

Volt Inverter Kit allows you to have a 110v outlet plugged into your Volt in the event of a power outage at your home. Provides up to 1500w of current, helping you power small appliances, computers and more.


Chevrolet Volt wind buffeting kit

Call Volt Advisor first, then show the dealer this image @time of service. Click image to enlarge.

Wind Buffeting Kit –This WILL NOT affect your range on most drives, unless you drive at 90 mph, across the whole country every day. A significant amount of owners report getting it installed for free as a “warranty item.” Although, it’s also been reported that it’s “Customer Satisfaction” fix as well. For best results, call the Chevrolet Voltec Advisor hotline at (877)486-5846. Some advisors don’t know much about it, while others know exactly how to get it done. Also, print the image at right for “Wind Buffeting” and take to your dealer at the time of service.

Shorter Air Dam – Also does NOT adversely affect range. Also, some dealers will do this upgrade free of charge, while other dealers will not. This will have less than a 5% affect on range, and for most, on in town drives, it will be less than 1% of an affect.