Get Reel!

Reel Marketing is here to serve small business in all their online marketing efforts. From your little community to the vast worldwide market we can be at that junction placing business with you.

Social Media Management

I have three plus years expertise in this area, and I can consistently provide a variety of marketing messages within the communications. I look at Social Media as THE best way to manage your brand image. I feel that it is NOT a great medium to directly market products and services. Thus the primary goal is to get highly engaged audience that provides the necessary feedback when you need it. I have a recipe for what needs to be communicated throughout the month and I stick to it. Every recipe is different, but the key elements are similar.

Website Implementation, SEO and Content Management

I manage the web content for all of my current clients. I keep the website from becoming too static, I keep it interesting to the customer, I provide links to the sale and I manage the brand image. I insert the appropriate links to social media and get rid of confusing/perplexing information that clouds the customer decision process.

“The key to a good website is a call to action

and a “buy this now” prevalence across 

each website, on every page.”

Google Adwords and Business Services

I manage several successful Google Adwords accounts for my clients. Getting found on Google is what I do, and Adwords can be VERY effective for most clients. I can implement a perfect campign for your business regardless of your organizations’ size.

Graphic Design, Strategy and and Consulting (I contract some  design work)

Good graphics can and do make a difference to the customer that find you on the web. I have put together a team that not only creates professional and relevant ads, but also ones that are artistic and beautiful.

Online Reputation and Branding Strategy Management and Consultancy  

Reduced Cost Non-Profit work

email me to schedule a free one(1) hour consultation uradsux@gmail.c0m


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