50 Recommended Chevy Volt Dealerships, N. America

Contained within is preliminary a list of Volt Dealers (50 is the goal, we’re at 45) in Canada and the United States that have received positive feedback in the ongoing Volt Owners survey (initiated in July ’15) and have earned a reputation for knowledge, good salesmanship, and experience servicing Chevrolet Volts. This list is from actual owners who feel confident recommending their local dealership. Some dealers are good at making a buck, but only a select few have the knowledge, integrity and have a Volt expert trained service team in their shop. I won’t be compiling a list of “Dealerships to Avoid” as a legal liability prevents folks from expressing negative opinions without worrying about getting sued.

Chevy Dealer Survey link here: Chevy Dealer Sales/Service Survey


Bunnin Chevrolet in Culver City, CA. CONTACT: Oscar “Has a huge inventory, great service, and a knowledgeable sales team. Not only that but they sponsor a one of a kind quarterly meet up for Volt owners.” Another fellow Volter says “I had a pretty decent experience at Bunnin.” A third Volter says “Oscar was awesome! I’m actually waiting for the phone to ring to go buy my 2016 from Oscar again. They continue to be really great, even after the sale was finalized.”

Gilroy Chevrolet in Gilroy, Ca.. CONTACT: Joe Lopez | ph: (408) 842-9301 | From a Volter: “Has inventory, treats you fair and knows Volts. They hand delivered my green HOV (carpool) stickers less than a week after purchase, and installed shorter front air dam for free.” 

Keyes Chevrolet in Van Nuys, CA. | CONTACT: Sales | (818) 528-6037 (more for sales, inventory and pricing than for service?)

MK Smith Chevrolet, in Chino, CA. Great service. Not sure about sales though.

Mark Christopher Chevrolet in Ontario, California. “I think we should support dealers that embrace the technology of the Volt in both their sales and service department. and they have earned my repeat business.”

Paradise Chevrolet  in Temecula, CA. | CONTACT: Sales | (951) 200-3996  *Provisional rec. No, review info posted.

Rydell Chevrolet in Northridge, CA. CONTACT: Sales | 866-802-5628 “Excellent service dept. and knowledgeable sales people!” Also “They will do a web sale, and ship the car to you!”


Gus Revenberg Chevrolet in Ontario, Canada. CONTACT: Steve Foster (Self-referral, Volt owner)


Autonation Chevrolet South, in Clearwater, FL. CONTACT: Sales |(727) 231-1291 |  A Volter says “Great attitude and a great Volt tech.”

Maher Chevrolet in St. Petersburg, FL | CONTACT: sales | (727) 290-4314 *Recommended for Sales and Service. They will give you a loaner while car is in shop, and charge your car while they have it. 


Cutter Chevrolet  711 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI.  CONTACT: Jason Li Kwan | (877) 471-1766. “He’s their web sales guy, we did the whole transaction over the phone. After some quick negotiation, he came back with a price lower than we asked for. That and the payment was less. Jason was great and he put the car on the barge to send over to us on the Big Island. Would buy thru him again!”


Best Chevrolet in Hingham, MA. | CONTACT: Chuck Reardon  | (866) 208-7873 | Volter says: “Yes- great dealer with excellent service dept.”

Colonial Chevrolet in Acton, MA | CONTACT: Luke Ealey |888-292-0636  | Volter says “Yes, I would. Luke is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and a good listener. He was aware of details of the car that another dealer I’d visited knew nothing about.”  But on service, just ok saying “They have been good (on service), but not exceptional. It’s clear service does not appreciate the distinct market the Volt occupies relative to their other gas hogs, as they did not take any interest in topping off my charge, even after having been asked to do so.”

Diamond Chevrolet, 768 Washington St, Auburn, MA 01501 CONTACT: Sales |  |


Country Chevrolet, 800 Elm St., Annandale, MN. CONTACT: Matt Renczykowski | (800) 947-1250 |  “A fabulous location, Matt Renczykowski had been fabulous to work with.”


Poage Chevrolet in Wentzville MO. CONTACT: Sales | (636) 327-6268 | Service Manager: Kevin Prior. “We want your business. I (Kevin), own a volt and so does one of our porters.”


Gregg Young Chevrolet in Omaha, NE | CONTACT: Sales? | (402) 572-8080 | Recommended for Sales and Service. Volter says “Will charge your car and give you a loaner while yours is in shop!

H&H Chevrolet in Omaha, NE | CONTACT: Sales? | (402) 339-2222 | Recommended for Sales and Service. Volter says “Will charge your car and give you a loaner while yours is in shop!


Banks Chevrolet, 137 Manchester St, Concord, NH.  CONTACT: Mike Mercer | (866) 275-8431. | A fellow Volter says “Banks Chevy is excellent! Mike is a Volt expert!”


Armen Chevrolet in Ardmore, PN | CONTACT: Sales | Volter says: “Yes, the sales person who worked with me took the time to answer my many questions. When he didn’t have the answers he was able to go to other staff who quickly gave him the answers. Everyone took the time to make sure I had all questions answered. It think I got a good deal … I felt very good about my purchase.”

Bergey ‘s Chevrolet in Colmar, PA. CONTACT:Sales | ? | “_”

Carfagno Chevrolet in  Plymouth Meeting, PN | CONTACT: Service|| Volter says: “Sales personnel very helpful and knowledgeable about the Volt and all other Chevys.The Volttec at Carfagno knows his stuff!”

Del Chevrolet in Paoli, PN | CONTACT: ? | Volter says: “This dealer does service Volts and has sold some. I have seen a few used Volts and a few new ones here and there when passing this shop. However, they have a wide selection of pickup trucks lining their roadside right now. It is seasonal with the recent gas price decline.”

Fairway Chevrolet in Hazle Township, PN | CONTACT: Service|| Volter says: “The tech that worked on my Volt actually walked me out to the service bay and discussed my issues with me. They had my charge port issue diagnosed and fixed within 3 hours and were extremely friendly throughout everything.”

Fike Chevrolet in Masontown, PN | CONTACT: ? | Volter says: “Very nice people and the Service Dept has been Great. I have a 2013 Chevy Volt and love it. I live and Wva and wish they were more Dealership with the Chevy Volt. Cant wait to try it out in the Snow! Very nice Service Dept. Had some recall work done and servicing done. Very courteous staff and work was done quick shorter wait than expected.”

McElwain Chevrolet in Elwood City, PN | CONTACT: Service| (724)758-4500 | Volter says: “Highly recommended. I bought the first Volt sold there. (Ordered by me.) Before the car was delivered my salesman made sure he was trained & knew everything about the car. He was very knowledgeable about the car at delivery time. Service there is outstanding. They have a Volt knowledgeable mechanic. Service is so good that I now service my Cadillac ELR there. It is not a large dealership so they usually only have 2 or 3 volts in inventory.”

Quigly Chevrolet*, Bally PA. CONTACT:  Sales ph#610-845-7575The report is that Quickly is good at servicing Volts. NO report on whether they are knowledgeable at selling Volts. 

Sherwood Chevrolet in Tunkhannock PA. CONTACT: Sales ph# (570) 836-2133

Sutliff Chevrolet in Harrisburg, PN | CONTACT: Daniel or Tom| Volter says: “I recommend this dealer because they sell the most Volts in central PA, and they are “all in”. My particular salesman had decent knowledge (but didn’t know what a Volt Adviser was). In my limited interaction with the service department, I feel confident in their knowledge and experience. The dealership owner, Mr. Sutliff, greeted me in person when I picked up my 2014, and told me he loved driving his Volt every day. (His other car being a Bentley.)” Another Volt says: “Yes. Honest sales persons here. Hard to find these days.”


Jones Chevrolet, Cadillac Inc in  Sumter, SC 29150. CONTACT: Dwayne Thompson (803) 469-2515 


Sunrise Chevrolet in Colllierville, TN | CONTACT: Sales?| (901) 201-6263 | A Volter says “Mostly, I’ve had fair service at this dealer. The last time I was in, I’d say the service rep was excellent. But mostly, it has been fair to poor service – not necessarily the service to the car, but customer service.”


Classic Chevrolet, in Grapevine TX. CONTACT: Buzz Smith (Volt Owner and aficionado. He has his own website even: http://www.buzzsmith.us/) SERVICE DPT: Tim Foote, volt expert.


Jerry’s Chevrolet in Leesburg, VA. CONTACT: Sales |  | is great!

Ted Britt in Sterling, VA. CONTACT: Sales |  |


Eric Von Schledorn Chevy in Saukville, WI | CONTACT: Randy Mickelson | (262)235-2502| A Volter says “Yes I would. Amazing customer service and very knowledgeable. Even though there is a Chevy dealer within 10 minutes of my home, I would drive the forty miles to this dealership due to their superior customer service.


———-Chevy Dealer Survey link here: Chevy Dealer Sales/Service Survey ———-



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