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Our Volt in Kona watching an unforgettable sunset on an unforgettable first road trip.

The Backstory on Our 2013 Chevrolet Volt

We purchased our Chevy Volt in July 2013 which means we’ve had the car for two years now as of this writing. We’ve had adequate time to review the features, compare the stats on performance and enjoy the right in our “spaceship!”

First things first, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back, and that’s why we call it a “spaceship.” It makes ordinary cars feel like a blast from the past, and completely inferior.

Living on a mountainous island has been eye opening with regards to power use and a magical amazing thing called “electric regen”, which is available on demand. In short this means that instead of wasting energy coming to a stop, or slowing the car as we descend the mountain, we generate energy (recoup) as we come down the hill. Totally a game changer, and the reason electric cars are the FUTURE! Ill be doing a future post on why natural gas and fuel cells are a waste of engineers time, and why they need to focus on this most promising technology.

Reason number two this car is a game changer; we fill it up at home, with energy from the sun. As I sit here and write there is an electric airplane ( flying over the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii completely on solar and electricity. Just like my car, (and the solar boat coming in from San Francisco) it has the potential to land with MORE energy than what it took off with, and to fly for as long as the pilot can stand to be in the air. What other vehicle on the road has the power to harness power from it’s environment and use it for all of it’s power needs? NONE.

So you get it, our car is a game changer and we can’t ever go back to a carbon polluting gas powered car (yet another reason.) Need another reason? How bout this article that came out today: “The-chevy-volt-is-still-the-most-fuel-efficient-car-you-can-buy-four-years-later.”

But the car just works too. It’s amazing that it’s 100% silent, its amazing that you can pre-c0ol the interior of the car on hot days -AND- check the state of charge and miles on our iPhones! It’s wonderful that we can go 3-4 months between putting $12 bucks of gas in it, and we can go nearly 2 years between oil changes, and not because the oil is worn out, but because it’s too old to be a great lubricant. But another game changer is that I hear guys that have owned the car for 5 years, have gotten their brakes inspected at 100,000 plus miles and they still look like new. Most of the time the regen does all the work, and even if the hydralic brakes activate to help slow the car, it’s only light duty work as there’s no engine pushing the car forward, only a generator helping to SLOW the car down. It’s like when you were a kid and your big brother was teaching you how to ride a bike, and he pushes FASTER even though you wanna slow down. The gas car in your garage does that at stop lights… It’s not helping you slow down, it’s still pushing you to go faster. An electric car is that nice kind mom of yours, with endless patience and a soft hand to help you slow down whenever you needed.

Need another reason why Electric Cars are OUR Future?