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2016 Hilo Christmas Light Display List

Hilo Christmas xmas light tour

Awapuhi Street Christmas light display

Our “2015 guide to Christmas lights displays” carries over and is most likely good enough to use around Hilo this year but all of the displays have NOT been confirmed  as of yet! WE’LL BE DRIVING AROUND THIS WEEKEND (SAT & SUN) TO VERIFY AND UPDATE THE 2015 LIST, to create our “updated 2016 Christmast Light Display List.” Hopefully by Monday Dec. 12th I’ll have enough verified and at that time I will post the announcement on Facebook.

The list grows every year! So far we have about 42 51 65 great displays (as of 12/9/2016) located, listed and rated!

If your house is listed and you’d rather it not, please let me know and I’ll take it off the list. 🙂 I want everyone to be happy and that means different things for different people. Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka!


Panaewa (5)

  • click for lrg version of this image

    Lower Waiakea. Click on the image for Lg. version of this map.

    95 Waianuhea Pl. and 2714 Waianuhea Way – Great light displays on two houses in this dead end street. The houses, carport and yard all included in each display. NOTE: This is a dead end street so be courteous and turn off lights with turning around. (**2016 verified**)

  • 2322 Awapuhi St. Care Home. The 3rd highest rated display in Hilo. Has lots of house lights, yard decorations, and inflatables. Even a singing Santa. (verified in 2015*)
  • 2301 Awapuhi St.  Right across the street From another top rated place. These guys even have two arches that are great for posing and taking pictures. (verified in 2015*)
  • 2305 Awapuhi St. More neighbors are chiming in and adding light displays! Very good for a first year!!  (verified in 2015*)
  • 2372 Awapuhi St. Care Home. A forth house on this street has added decent display to the mix. This is the best street in town to be sure not to miss!! 
  • 2094 Awapuhi St. Hilo. You can see this tree from the Highway, right across from McDonalds Puainako! The most awesome Christmas tree in Hilo! Does anyone know the name of this church where the tree is located? 

Lower Waiakea (17) (Below Hilo Muni. Golf Course)

  • 2337 Kilauea Ave. – A great light display (on makai side of street) with lots going on. Minus 10 points for being hard to see down hill from Kilauea ave. Shucks! Still pretty awesome though!  (verified in 2015*)
  • 1946 Kinoole St. – If coming from downtown, on the mauka side just before you get to the Old Kinoole Mall. Nice little set up… great effort for a little amount of lights! 🙂
  • Naniakea’s “Blue Light Special”. 360 Naniakea St., Hilo. (near Kawailani st.) An abundance of Blue lights and yard stuff! 
  • Naniakea Landscape Animals – 60 Naniakea St., Hilo. (near Puainako st.) Great integration of animals into the landscape. Lights seem to go off early at this house.
  • Four of Five other Naniakea Houses. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other cool displays on this road. In total there are five houses on the Mauka side and there are two more on the makai side (corner of Kawailani st) with neat tree lights. 
  • Puainako St. Inflatable Zoo (Across Waiakea Inter. Sch.) The name says it all! 
  • 304 Puainako St., Hilo.  – I was told this display has gotten bigger this year. I have verification it is there, but we haven’t seen it yet personally.
  • ~29 Laula Rd. – Nice display. LOVE the “Merry Christmas wall display!
  • ~105 Haihai St. – Good display to look for on your way to others. 🙂
  • Candy Cane House”. 1969 Kilauea (near Puainako st.) NO LIGHT DISPLAY THIS YEAR! 😦
  • “Balikbayan Box” house. Very good display! Lots going on. Lights on every side of house. Too bad you can’t pull over.
  • Atebara Chips. 717 Manono st. Hilo. The decoration on the buildings is smaller this year.  

Upper Waiakea (19) (Above Hilo Muni. Golf Course)

  • Upper Waiakea. Click for larger version

    Upper Waiakea. Click for larger version

    Life Care Center. 944 Kawailani St., Hilo. Tons of stuff. This is the 2nd highest rated display. Lights, writing on the roof. Lots to see. Park, get out & look around. 

  • ~1432 Ku’Ulei St. – Nice light display in between Life Care and the Ko’ele St. displays.
  • ~1514 Mailani St. – Fun Display on this dead end street.
  • ~1045 Pukana St. – On the Pahoa side of the street.
  • Koele Street Figurine Display. 761 Koele St.  6th highest rated light display in all of Hilo. Ken, corrected me on the address. About five total houses on this street with lights!.
  • 804 Nou St.- not bad
  • Leilehua Street house. 1698 Leilehua St. Worth the trip, especially since there are several others nearby.  
  • Heahea St. Group (8 Houses). 705 Heahea St., Hilo. About eight houses on this street with lights. Mostly on the Haihai side, makai. Couple mauka in the culdesacs more further down. 
  • 1712 Keone St.- (Corner of Keone & Haihai st.) Love the inflatable Husky!  

Waiakea Uka (1) 

  • The Happiest Christmas Tree in Hilo! 27-1243 Ho’ohoaloha St. (corner of Ho’ohoaloha Pl.) These guys have an inflatable tree with blinky eyes and a smiley face! A very unique one! Love it!

Sunrise Ridge (8)

  • 468 Ohukea st. Some have called it the Chinese house. I’ve yet to confirm that title. But there is no disputing the lights. Very good! This might have beat out Awapuhi St. if only they had music!   
  • 370 Kahikini St. I love the lights on the columns, AND the Dolphins! 
  • 840 Kukuau st. – Nice, balanced display of lights. On the columns, on the fountain,k on the house, etc! 
  • 1029 Kukuau St. Top 20 light display. Not too shabby.
  • 1010 Kukuau st. 
  • Top of Kukuau st., last home on the right. Love the row of 20 or so 1′ tall Christmas Trees lining the driveway. 🙂
  • Kipuni st. Loop. Bunch (3 houses) Three houses on this loop worth checking out. Pass Kipuni on the way up to the top of Kukuau, and turn left on Kipuni on the way back down. The turn is right where the corner house (1010 Kukuau?) is located on the Maula side of the street. 

Kaumana (5)

  • 1220 Ainako Ave. – Hilo. Pretty cool. Lots of yard stuff going on. Neighbor did his house a little too.
  • Kaumana Fire Station-  310 Kaumana Dr., Hilo. Fun Fire-Department-themed display every year. Last year they had Santa in a HazMat Suit! LOL! 
  • 202-A Chong St.  MESSAGE FROM THE OWNER: “Certainly confirmed for 2015, we love to share this display of thousands of lights and a full nativity scene and think it’s most enjoyable and relaxing. Come by weekdays from 5:30-9:00 pm, weekends 5:30-10:00, Christmas eve and day from 5:30-midnight.” (verified in 2015*)
  • 1210 Kaumana Dr. Really nice lights! Thank you! 
  • Melemanu Dr. Nice lights and column display!! 

Downtown Hilo (1)

  • 1064 Kinoole St. (Across ADRC Building) One of the best light displays in Hilo, mostly because they use a lot of different types of yard fixtures, lights on the house, in the yard and a cool tower of lights in the shape of Christmas tree!! LOVE THIS ONE!! (verified in 2015*)

Keaukaha (3)

Keaukaha lights

Keaukaha lights

  • 234 Nahale-A Ave. A nice group of inflatables and house lights! 
  • 49 Pua Ave.  Probably among the top 8 displays in Hilo. Worth the drive! Nice work!
  • 407 Todd Ave.  Pretty good set up of new inflatables this year (2016) However, now they have IN ADDITION: Window projections…and a live Santa giving out candy and can take pictures with. to check out!(**2016 verified**)
  • 169 Desha Ave. Get good lights and nice use of yard space!

Kaiwiki Rd. (4)

  • Aikane Loop by Kaiwiki Gym. 80 Aikane Loop. Three houses on the loop back there worth seeing. Love the lights in the carports.
  • “Disco Ball house” 1766 Kaiwiki Rd. Funny, small display, but worth it if you also come up for the Aikane houses.

If you are on a computer, this link will bring up a Google map –> Hilo Christmas Lights mapped out.

If you are on a phone or tablet click on the map for a larger image of this screen grab.

hilo christmas light map tour

2015 Updated Hilo Hawaii Christmas Light map/tour

Ok. So I just started updating this list on 12/9, but will continue to update it up til Christmas day. It needs work to be 100%. Still choke houses with less lights, and a few I’ve missed. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. I will check them out, and add to the list. Mele Kalikimaka everyone!


10 thoughts on “Hilo Lights

  1. 202A Chong St. is certainly confirmed for 2015! This display of thousands of lights and a full nativity scene is most enjoyable and relaxing. Come by weekdays from 5:30-9:00 pm, weekends 5:30-10:00, Christmas eve and day from 5:30-midnight.

  2. Check out 16-367 Keaau Loop. Cute display with gumdrops, inflatables, and lights synced to music and they have a projection screen with Santa. You can listen to Santa on your radio too!

  3. 2085 awapuhi St.. Panaewa… (for the one listed above)
    Thy Word ministies….
    For the big X’mas tree across from taco bell and McDonald’s puainako
    Thats our church…

  4. 407 Todd ave in keaukaha…new inflatables…window projections…and a live Santa giving out candy and can take pictures with.

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