About Us

Cody Osborne, CEO Reel Marketing

President | Cody Osborne

Big Island resident Cody Osborne founded Reel Marketing in 2011 with the mission of helping small businesses and for assisting non-profits and other community org’s grow. Our goal is to donate 10% of profits and time to local organizations in their time of need. In 2014 Reel Marketing donated countless hours in the aftermath of Hurricane Iselle, and many more hours of support as lava began to encroach on the same devastated area in Puna. His internet skills were put to use connecting people with others and with information in a timely manner. He was recognized for helping to build a very large Facebook group for sharing supplies and manpower to those folks trapped in their homes without power, water or food. He also organized several meals for Puna with the Rotary Club, Liko Lehua Cafe and Community Christ Church. Cody was even interviewed on Hawaii Public Radio for his efforts and expertise with “Social Media in Times of Disaster.”

Cody is a member of the Rotary Club of South Hilo, and as a member volunteers his time in the many community projects they support.

Born on the slopes of Colorado Rockies, raised in Cascades of Oregon, and trained in the concrete jungle of NYC I am a passionate and experienced marketer ready to promote and assist Hawaii as we move into the 21st century. My name, my  logo, my mission and my drive reflects my desire to “reel” in customers from the online world and bring them back to Hawai’i. It is not a mistake that my design work includes a nod to ancient Hawai’i as I incorporate past methods of commerce important to all residents of Hawai’i. There is a reason that “Live Aloha” is a state law, and wish to respect that creed. I don’t wish to change this land I call home, only to act a servant from now to the future.

Aloha everybody! I am Cody Osborne. I am passionate, driven, respectful and happy to be at your service. Tell me how I can help you, and I will surely do it!

Mahalo for looking, hope to talk to you soon!

You can email me or give me a call@ 808-498-4099


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